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To do list :icondibcameplz:

zim and J.T.H.M
grievous meets crona
Finish My goddamn gamzee costume!
some TF2 fanart
:icondysfunctional-h0rr0r: her character X-Freak

done: :bulletgreen:
working on: :bulletyellow:
haven't started: :bulletred:

:icongemriqueen: A lineart of Tony the clock from don't hug me I'm scared :bulletgreen:
:icondisneyandzimfanchick: Zim X panic :bulletyellow:
:iconforefes: his SE characters :bulletred:

5) :iconnuclearjackal: His OC Nel :bulletgreen: (needs to be redone)


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ShadowChaser12 has started a donation pool!
282 / 2,396
im saving up for a Premium Membership
your donation would be much appreciated

I do commissions now you can ask for them here in my commission journal
or you can ask me in notes or in the comments I don't mind

Sketch or/and line art: 2 points
Alexan fighting pose line art commission by ShadowChaser12Commission Tony The Talking Clock by ShadowChaser12

Traditionally colored: 4 points

Digitally colored: 6 points
Request Anthony  Snips by ShadowChaser12Request L.O.l.a by ShadowChaser12Request General Grievous Wolf by ShadowChaser12

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

:iconyoutubelogoplz: My Youtube channel…
:icontumblrplz: My Tumblr Account
My Doodle or Die account…
:iconsteamlogoplz: My steam name: GamGam12
AskSladeandcobra group :iconasksladeandcobra:

I Usually draw allot of fan art from movies, tv shows, stories and comics that I like.
I usually like doing crossovers fanart with characters from different fandoms.
XD I like to many different Fandoms

I work in both digital and traditional medias I also do a little bit of cosplay.

sisters: :iconsexymadhouse::iconcookiesandcream111::icongravitybee::icondisneyandzimfanchick:
Sister that's part Gemri :icongemriqueen:
lil bro: :iconthe-fungus-infected:
that cousin that no one talks about because she's a little off her rocker: :iconfroggiegirl1994:
My master :iconentropies:
My Pet :icon678walleby:
Big Bro :iconkingofpriderock:
Older Bro: :iconcursedironfist7:
The Two Headed Hamster :iconfurbearingbrick:
Bro :iconforefes:
The Big nocturnal beast in your closet by the name Horror :icondysfunctional-h0rr0r:
Random cousin :icondoodle-guy7:
Aunt :iconwhetsit-tuya:
Quiet cousin :iconmetalogre56:

If you would like to be part of my Da family heres the link to the journal


Inspiration Strikes when... by Qinni

Fandoms and Characters I like
Watchmen:Rorschach Stamp by AgentHexBorderlands 2 Stamp - Krieg by mentalmarsStamp: Psycho Mantis by FlantsyFlanVenom Stamp by KarasuEkoCARNAGE RULEZ stamp by firebrandoAttack on Titan stamp by SolusNoxCobra stamp by SyphoreanTF2 Stamp - Pyro by ririnyanTF2 - Meet The Pyro 2 by Stamps-By-MephieMYAAH! by Dragongirl269Spawn by StampernautHELLBOY: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen Stamp 2 by SpehiThe Rocky Horror Picture Show Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-ArtScarecrow Stamp #5 by poorlittlebatgamzee stamp by beautiful-d0ubtViolet Prince by YukinoTenshi23Indigo Heir by YukinoTenshi23Stamp: Cronus by ShendijiroStamp: Kurloz by ShendijiroNazgul Stamp by Moa-isa-JediKnightStamp: Madness is Relative by KPenDragonArkham Origins Deathstroke by BlueRaven4Padlock Stamp 2 by IzzydactylMGS: Big Boss Stamp by MrOrbitalI Believe in The Doctor Stamp by TenthyRepo stamp by LadyVanDaleGribbleTeen Titans Slade Stamp by faolan15Support the Originals Stamp by PsychoSlaughtermanStamp: Overlord II by xxxLady-DS-BluexxxDisney Hades + Laugh Stamp by TwilightProwlerTim Burton Stamp by MMZ98v FOR Vendetta stamp by Hann88Slenderman stamp by JosiahNugentStamp: Freddy's Coming For You by tranimation-artragnarok stamp by LadyBeelzeStein Stamp by AdryJustendCobra Commander Stamp by KrubbusInvader Zim Lineup Stamp by DarthRegina125Grievous stamp by ShadowwshadeSoul Eater Stamp 1 by LunaticTrixTHIS IS MAII WHEE FAEC by GemOfSorrowCREEPYPASTA STAMP by marshmallowcookiwolfThe Amazing Jhonen +Stamp+ by GuinnygirlHellsing VB Stamp by LinkMasterXPStamp: Jan Valentine by zoro4me3Grell Sutcliffe :: Stamp by Ilya-sanRip Van Winkle Stamp by Uchiha-SouseisekiStamp Chatterer by Trasgo01Pinhead by lonelycrowI'm A Hellraiser Oholic by PsychoSlaughtermanZorin Blitz stamp by fireheart1001DC: Scarecrow: Arkham Asylum Stamp2 by ShadowHachiaJohann Krauss Stamp by Violette-AnerKenpachi by oOLadyLuckOoKenpachi Stamp by NoAngelHonestlyYachiru Stamp by Anatha-Himeyachiru stamp by shannonmari3Eddie Gluskin stamp by GremilatioN[Stamp] Five Nights At Freddy's by RasAkiStampsAmon stamp 2 by LithestepMS Ghost Lewis Stamp by TwilightProwler

Funny stuff
I AM THE CONDUCTOR OF THE POOP TRAIN Stamp by SpectreSinistre+ Monty Python Holy Grail Funny Quote: Newt + by dorkywaffle+ It's But A Flesh Wound Monty Python Stamp + by dorkywaffleDisney Stamp: GASTHURRRN by XxoOjunefoxOoxXBilbo's Freakout by SupaslimSquidward by Fyi-SusYachiru and Kenpachi Stamp by SirCrocodile

Music I'm into
STAMP_I'm a Daft Punk by DaftClubMSI - Super fast version by MyFairytaleStampmareBreaking Benjamin Stamp by LuxDaniGorillaz Stamp by SeizureDemonGorillaz Stamp by JBCBlankE Nomine 3 by skinnyveestampKorn by WearwolfaaMarina And The Diamonds Stamp. by livinladolcevitaThree Days Grace Stamp by LuxDaniStamp :: Marianas Trench by homestucktroll123

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